How to Get British Chocolate in the USA

Well as you may know we can no longer supply Cadbury and other gorgeous British chocolate to our friends in the United States. But fear not! There is still a super easy way to satisfy your cravings!

Take a look at these great deals:

x 12The ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC British Cadbury Bar.

  • Shipped for FREE from the UK
  • 12 count for only $10.95
  • That’s less than a dollar a bar!!

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Or perhaps you fancy a small selection of the Great British chocolate?



Crunchie, Curlywurly & Flake

  • 18 count for less than $12!
  • Including shipping!
  • That’s $0.67 a bar!
  • Geewizz that’s as cheap as the UK!

Buy these delights now!

There is a load of British chocolates you can buy in the USA all from

We will find all the best deals and list them on this site for you to enjoy!